Our first ‘Skivvy Speak’ is the iridescent Iiris - a majestic estonian pop queen that will dazzle you with her mystical world. Iiris is an incredibly powerful act to see live, honing her stagecraft by performing at major festivals across europe from an early age, as well as supporting the likes of Lana del Ray, 30 seconds to Mars and Keene. Her voice is often compared to Bjork and Kate Bush but we think it is entirely unique, as is her soundworld that envelops it. 



'I love making music, but it’s been a very recent thing for me to call myself a producer in my 10 years of professional music making.  It has been only now that I’ve had the courage to call myself that as I have just recently finished one of the first songs that I’m happy with that I have written, produced, recorded and engineered all by myself. I started my road to production with Reaktor 3 when I was 16 and in 2011 progressed to logic so I could make demos and begin to seriously produce. I co-produced some songs on my first album as well as my “Chinaberry Girl” EP in Estonia with Logic, but couldn’t have finished it without the amazing peeps I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Making music and writing songs hasn’t come “naturally'' to me and I’ve had to put in a lot of work to get to a point of making music where I’m happy with what I’m making. In the end it has been a fight with myself - the struggle to be aware of myself and needing to question, which  beliefs in me have been given to me and which ones have truly arisen from within.'


'I think femininity and masculinity as words should be used more carefully than they are being used now or even not used at all. I think we need a better word for “feminine”  as it contains assumptions of qualities that men have, as well as women. We are paradoxical contradicting dualistic creatures and we need to have both “yin” and “yang” developed in us to adapt to our environment successfully. We need to be aware of the historical judgements that are affecting our emotional bodies in the context of the stories of gender in our society in order to have smoother conversations/negotiations about gender and roles.  Our roles in the society are always changing and the more specific we can get with words, the better we can organise our reality. It is our right to negotiate how we want to be treated, the question is, how to do it as smoothly as possible. When discussing gender politics, I think we should recognise our own feelings, validate the feelings of the other, and put the quest for a solution and a bridge of understanding before the lust for intellectual victory.'

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